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MLB Baseball 2021 Playoffs and World Series Pickem Pool

MLB Baseball Playoffs 2021 Pick em Pools

It's playoff time!
Get your pool together NOW!

Wild Card Games start: Wednesday, September 29, 2021

The initial games will be enterred, shortly after the teams are set.

How Playoff Pickem Works

  • Each round will have it's own picks page. Except the 2 wildcard games, which will be on the same picks sheet as the Divisional Series matchups.
  • Each matchup will start with 3 or 4 games, depending on the minimum games for that round.
  • If/when a series goes beyond the minimum number of games, we'll add games to the same picks sheet.
  • Once each team in a series matchup wins 1 game, we'll add game 4 (or 5) to the picks page.
  • If/when each team wins 2 games, we'll add game 5 (or 6) to the picks page.
  • If/when each team wins 3 games, we'll add game 7 to the picks page.
  • Winning teams from each round will be put into the next round.

How Playoff Brackets Work

  • Players fill out the entire 16 team bracket, all the way through the World Series, before the first round starts.
  • Similar to a traditional March Madness bracket.
  • MLB Playoff Standings updated after each series concludes

Pools are Free

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Create your Free MLB Playoffs pickem or bracket pool

We host a game by game playoffs pickem pool. ..With your choice of 4 different scoring methods. Or, new for 2020, a bracket-style playoff pool.

MLB Baseball 2021 Playoffs and World Series Pickem Pool
 MLB 2021 Playoffs Pick em

 MLB Playoffs Bracket 2021

Feature highlights:

  • Easy to create and run a pool
  • Easy for friends to join
  • Commissioners can edit anyone's picks at any time
  • Players can view everyone's picks (after picks deadline) (even the Stanley Cup champion)
  • Players can add additional sets of picks
  • Email reminders
  • much more..
Upgrade Options

World Series Pick em Scoring Options

Object of the Game

The object of a baseball playoff pick em pool is to get the most points in your pool, to beat everyone else.

The object of the game is to get the most points.

In an MLB playoff pick em pool, (aka. a World Series pick em pool), players get to pick each game all the way through the world series, which is different from a bracket-style pool. In a bracket-style pools, players would pick the outcome of each series, not each game. ..and they would have to predict all the series outcomes before the start of the first wild-card game.


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